How To Ditch Debt And Break Free | The Vault Episode 12

The Vault with Financielle

May 15 2024 • 34 mins

Welcome to The Vault with Financielle. Hosts Lucy, Laura and Holly delve into the world of money dilemmas from leechy friends, getting the money ick, the benefits of budgeting and much much more! Nothing is off limits but everything is safe in the Vault.

In this episode of The Vault, we talk about why it’s so important to have a budget, set aside sinking funds, and make sure you have a safety net for when $h*t hits the fan!


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00:00:00 - Pronunciation of Tortoise
00:04:02 - Tips for Lucy in the Coffee Shop
00:15:33 - Coping with Financial Struggles
00:22:41 - The Benefits of Renting
00:26:36 - Escaping the Cycle of Unexpected Expenses

The Vault is an entertaining yet thought provoking podcast that answers our community’s dilemmas and confessions surrounding women and money.

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About Financielle:

Financielle is a female focussed finance app helping women to take back control of their money, ditch debt, increase savings and invest in their future.

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