Ep 48: How They Created a 6-Figure Work From Home Business In Under 2 Years

Digital Investors

May 4 2023 • 32 mins

This is the story of how two amazing couples built a 6-figure work from home business in under 2 years while dealing with some really difficult life challenges.  How are some people able to reach 6-figures with their brand new online business or work from business in 1-2 years while others take 5+ years?  They develop certain skills that other people don’t have. Mandy and Leigh have learned those skills and as a result have not only been able to reach 6-figures in their online business, but they’ve been able to achieve that during extremely challenging times. Today, you’ll hear about the challenges they had to overcome and the key steps they took to achieve their goals. Tune in to hear:

- Their Motivation

- Challenges they faced

- Advice for women starting out

- What they like about their work from home business

- Helping their clients win with their website

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