Ep 14: Expert Website Broker, Chris Guthrie, Shares How to Build a 7-Figure Content Website

Digital Investors

Jan 5 2023 • 33 mins

If you're looking to build and sell a 7-figure content site, then you'll want to hear this interview with Chris Guthrie who said goodbye to his 9-5 job at Microsoft and has been earning a living online with the freedom to work from wherever he wants on whatever he wants. Today Chris' online earnings supports his 3 kids, his family and their lifestyle and in this interview, you'll hear:

- Why are content sites so popular

- What blogs are selling for 6-to-7 figures

- When his website income surpassed his day job income

- Why it's possible to make $20,000 per month working 15 hours a week

Tune in to hear Chris' insights.

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