Ep 41: Quit Your Job With the Right Intentions

Digital Investors

Apr 11 2023 • 9 mins

Most people feel stuck in their job or business, but you don't have to be.

You CAN quit your job or business and have the freedom to do what you want. But here's the thing: If you want what most people don't have, you have to be willing to do what most people aren't willing to do.  Eva is one of those people. She did what most people aren't willing to do and today she has what most people will never have - the freedom and choice to do what she wants, including the digital skills to earn money whenever she wants.

Tune in to hear:

- Where she was "at" when she first started the Digital Investors Program.

- Why she chose to build websites for local businesses, even though most people avoid this.

- The first website she built and how it has become one of the big catalysts for her to have the freedom she wants.

- How she plans to keep growing her portfolio of websites for passive income.

If you want to learn more, then register for our upcoming masterclass to learn the digital skills that started it all at: https://www.ebusinessinstitute.com.au/dip