Ep 42: Quitting Corporate To Build a Lifestyle Business With Calem Koek

Digital Investors

Apr 13 2023 • 14 mins

In this episode, Matt Raads interviews Calem, who will give you a huge dose of inspiration, especially if you want to work for yourself, so you can earn more by working less and let go of your stressful 9-5.  Calem worked in a high-stress corporate role for 15 years and got paid really well for it...  But he decided to leave it all behind to pursue a lifestyle business.   Why?   “There’s a lot of pressure and we got paid really well for it, but we just knew that wasn’t what we wanted to do for the next 10-20 years,” he told Matt in a recent interview.  So, Calem made the decision to quit his corporate job just after COVID.   And since then, Calem and his wife, Jenn, have not only replaced their corporate incomes, but they’ve been able to take 18 weeks out of the year to travel and spend with family.  If you want to start a lifestyle business or become a lifestyle entrepreneur, listen to the interview.  It'll give you insights to help you quit your corporate job and build a lifestyle business that fits around your hobbies... and enables you to work and travel at the same time, instead of being tied to an office or location.

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