Ep 60: How to Turn Your Passion into a Million Dollar Online Business with David Tao

Digital Investors

Jul 31 2023 • 39 mins

Can you really make money from your passion, not to mention turn it into an 7 or 8-figure online empire?

That’s what David Tao has achieved and in this interview, he’s going to reveal how he turned his love for strength training into a hugely successful online business, which was recently acquired by a big website buyer.

Tune in to hear:

- How do you grow to 31 Million readers and $19 Million in affiliate sales, (+ exit)… all in just 6 years!

- How do you monetise very niche targeted audiences

- How to establish expertise in any niche passion

- What skills you need to grow a content website

- When to produce news content vs evergreen content (and what you need to scale)

- The key challenges of scaling a 7 or 8 figure online business fast

- Why CONTENT is your product when you have a passion website

- And much much more.

Hear David’s insights and learn how you can turn your passion income a real business.

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