Unmasking Rodney Alcala: The Chilling Tale of the Dating Game Killer | True Crime Documentary

GITN a Paranormal and True Crime Podcast

Mar 18 2024 • 1 hr 37 mins

Join us on a deep dive into the disturbing world of Rodney Alcala, infamously known as the Dating Game Killer. Uncover the shocking details of his crimes, from his charm on the dating scene to the gruesome reality of his murderous spree. Learn how this serial killer operated, evading capture for years, and the tragic consequences for his victims and their families. Delve into the psyche of a killer as we explore the twisted mind behind the facade. Warning: This documentary contains graphic content and may not be suitable for all viewers. Website: https://anchor.fm/phillip-sams Merch: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/gitn-paranormal-merch Patreon member's content: https://www.patreon.com/gitnpodcast Social media links: http://www.youtube.com/@gitnpodcast https://www.facebook.com/ghostsinthenight/ https://www.instagram.com/ghosts_night_podcast https://twitter.com/night_ghosts

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