Episode 44: The 3rd Act with Katherine McPherson

Gears, Action, Growth: Shifting Business Culture one Conversation at a Time

Feb 14 2023 • 44 mins

In this episode Dr Iain Butterworth speaks to architect Katherine McPherson, American born and now in Melbourne Australia about what’s next for her after a long career in workplace / community architecture and strategy and organisational dynamics She’s looking at her 3rd Act, and exploring what she wants to do as a mature worker and why it matters. This is the first in a series of conversations about how we leverage the skills and expertise of those wiser older workers (WOWs) for the benefit of both the indiv, the org, the community and society at large. Contact Katherine at: kmcp@developingsolutions.com.au Check out Guilford Lane here: https://whatson.melbourne.vic.gov.au/article/the-best-cafes-and-things-to-do-in-guildford-lane As always, please send us your questions and stories: https://gearedforgrowth.biz/contact/ Contact Dr.Iain Butterworth at https://iainbutterworth.com