Lys Hardy: Founder & CEO of; Unapologetically Focusing on Women and Minorities


Feb 24 2023 • 45 mins

Lys Hardy says her age is her superpower.  I love her already.

CEO and Founder of a groundbreaking new platform called, Lys and her partners are unapologetically focusing on women and minorities.

Their platform allows employees to locate and connect with women and minority mentors across companies and locations.

As these are the most underrepresented groups in leadership positions, Lys realized that there was tremendous opportunity to tap into the experience "out there" by creating a tool for people to go beyond their own place of work, for mentorship.

Brilliant, dynamic, funny and down to Earth, Lys is a powerhouse and I am excited for you to learn about the work she is doing.

Think her age is slowing her down? NOT A CHANCE!

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