Is Agile Delivering The Business Outcomes You Are Looking For? with Jessica Wolfe

Agile and Project Management - DrunkenPM Radio

Dec 8 2023 • 43 mins

For the video version of this podcast: When an organization has taken the decision to switch an Agile way of working, they often get so caught up in trying to adopt the various practices and processes that they forget to stop and ask the question, “Is this providing the business outcome we need?” Remembering to keep that question top of mind is important. Knowing what to pay attention to and how to understand the answer is even more important. In this episode, Jessica Wolfe returns to the podcast so that we can discuss some of the things you might want to focus on, and how paying attention to areas that may be less obvious can give you greater insight into how agile is impacting your business and delivering the results you are looking for. As we work through the topic, Jessica shows how Lean Agile Intelligence can be used to help discover and interpret metrics you need to see so that you can understand how agile is impacting your organization. During the podcast Jessica was kind enough to offer a special 20% discount on an annual license to Lean Agile Intelligence if you purchase before the end of 2023. In order to get the discount go to and tell them you listened to the DrunkenPM podcast. This podcast was originally recorded using video. If you would like to check out that version so you can see the demo of Lean Agile Intelligence, click here: For more on Lean Agile Intelligence Web: LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Contacting Jessica LinkedIn: