Making Sense of Co-Pilots, Agents, and Changes in AI with Snehal Talati

Agile and Project Management - DrunkenPM Radio

Apr 1 2024 • 45 mins

Keeping up with what is happening in AI is no small task. You probably know some folks who spend a lot of free time learning how to bend (insert AI flavor of the week) to their will, there are folks who are preaching to anyone who will listen about all the amazing things that are right around the corner, and then there are the folks who just periodically peek over their shoulder and say “Yeah, um… let me know when you’ve got this bit actually working.” And then there are people like Snehal Talati. I met Snehal last year at the Scrum Gathering and we did a podcast about, the community he started to bring Agilists together to ensure that the intersection between the Agile space and AI happens in an intentional and thoughtful way. It’s been 8 months since that podcast was posted and that’s like 20 years in the AI space. So Snehal is back to share what’s been happening in AI and Agile. and to talk about the free course he built for the Scrum Alliance to help folks get started. During our conversation, Snehal gives an update on some of the newer changes and challenges in AI and he also offers real-life examples of how AI is becoming a powerful part of his personal productivity. If you’d like to check out the Scrum Alliance’s AI course, that is here: • AI & Agility: A Comprehensive Introduction: AI Links to get you started: • AI Agile: • Agile GPT: • ChatGPT: CONTACTING SNEHAL • Web: • LinkedIn: