Successful Distributed Teams

Agile and Project Management - DrunkenPM Radio

Mar 6 2024 • 57 mins

At the Modus Institute, Jim Benson and Mark Kilby have created a new offering called Successful Distributed Teams. This new course focuses on how to build strong remote teams, how to create a humane, healthy balance of productivity and accountability, and what tools you can use to make it all work. In this interview, Jim and Mark join me to discuss what happened when they combined the many years of experience they each have in shaping remote teams that work. We cover how the idea of remote work has changed over the past few years, what makes it so challenging, and things you can start doing to foster a thriving collaborative remote team.  This podcast was originally recorded in video. You can find that version here: To learn more about Successful Distributed Teams To check out Mark Kilby and Johanna Rothman’s book From Chaos to Successful Distributed Agile Teams Contacting Jim Web: LinkedIn: Email: Contacting Mark Web: Mastodon: LinkedIn: Email: