Is This The Darkest Agile Timeline? w George Schlitz

Agile and Project Management - DrunkenPM Radio

Jan 31 2024 • 50 mins

With the state of Agile as it is today, I find myself frequently wondering, “Is this the Darkest Agile Timeline”? Things have been getting a bit bleak lately in the Agile space. With the layoffs, the job market, and the fact that the business world has change fatigue and is tired of not getting what they expected from a way of working they’ve mostly only kinda half-done... Where’s the hope? For this podcast (and to find some hope), I reached out to George Schlitz because 1. George is way smarter than me and sees things I can only vaguely sense the shape of, and 2. His new company Adaptivity Group has a mission statement that includes “an unquenchable thirst for ‘better’" and "a fearlessness about the unknown” that kinda smelled like hope to me. During this interview, George and I discuss whether or not this is the darkest timeline, what that means, how we got here, where we can find hope, and what we can do to make things more better-er and think that little old ant can move that rubber tree plant. If you aren’t familiar with The Darkest Timeline, in the show Community there was a storyline where a random occurrence created multiple parallel timelines. A roll of the dice created six possible ways things could have gone… basically a six-sided multiverse. And one of the parallels created is THE DARKEST TIMELINE. It’s basically the Lemony Snicket timeline of worst case scenario where Captain Kirk is sporting his Van Dyke beard, Thomas Wayne is Batman instead of Bruce Wayne, it rains all the time, you miss every bus, never made that play in the big game, never asked that person to the prom, never got that promotion… you get the idea. During the podcast, George references his blog post on "Addicted to More" blog posts which can be found here: If you’d like to reach George you can find him here: Adaptivity Group: LinkedIn:

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