Fixing PI planning with Alan Dayley

Agile and Project Management - DrunkenPM Radio

Apr 15 2024 • 42 mins

Alan Dayley is back to help me continue the quest of figuring out why so many companies are struggling with PI Planning or quarterly planning. During the interview, we discuss some of the reasons organizations struggle with this type of planning. We address the topic from the perspective of senior leadership, why they want it, how they often approach it, and the challenges that creates. We also explore the way the request is often interpreted by the Development Teams, how they often respond, and how critical it is that they have the time needed to understand the request and the freedom to respond in a way that is responsible to the organization. Alan is a SAFe Program Consultant, so during the conversation he also explains how PI planning is supposed to work if you are truly following SAFe. … and, Developers are not batteries Contacting Alan LinkedIn: Email: