Twin Flames Universe

True Crime Creepers

May 2 2024 • 1 hr 34 mins

We're getting a little bit culty this week as we dive into the dumpster fire that is Twin Flames Universe. What started out looking like a couple of kooky, quirky influencers with a whole lotta confidence quickly turned extremely sinister and disturbing. Sponsors: Prose! Get 50% off your first subscription and FREE consultation at EarnIn Download EarnIn today in the Google Play or Apple App Store! ● When you download the EarnIn app type in creepers under PODCAST when you sign up BetterHelp Visit today to get 10% off your first month Acorns Head to or download the Acorns app to start saving and investing for your future today!  June's Journey Sources Inside the Twin Flames Universe and Its Always Online, All-Consuming World | Vanity Fair Twin Flames Docuseries Dives Deeper Into Couple Behind Matchmaking Cult | Vanity Fair Twin Flame: Definition And Signs You’ve Met Yours – Forbes Health How ‘Twin Flames Universe’ YouTubers Monetized Heartbreak and Trauma The Story Behind 'Escaping Twin Flames Universe' | TIME The Mirror Exercise - Healing Twin Flame Blocks Easily Docuseries Reveals Twin Flames Cult Is Expanding via Cooking Classes?! What happened to Jeff and Shaleia Divine? Their ‘love cult’ features in Netflix docuseries Escaping Twin Flames – so what are the allegations, did they ever get charged, and where are they now? | South China Morning Post Documentaries:  Escaping Twin Flames Universe | Netflix Desperately Seeking Soulmate | Amazon Prime Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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