The Death of Tina Watson

True Crime Creepers

Apr 11 2024 • 1 hr 46 mins

Tina and Gabe Watson were newly weds, on the honeymoon of their dreams: 2 weeks in beautiful Australia to scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef. But on their very first dive, something went horribly wrong. Tragically, Tina died in the water. However, what looked at first like a tragic accident began to seem more and more like murder to those investigating the death. Sponsors: Prose! Get 50% off your first subscription and FREE consultation at EarnIn Download EarnIn today in the Google Play or Apple App Store! ● When you download the EarnIn app type in creepers under PODCAST when you sign up Sources: Tina Watson Death | Michael Mcfadyen  Tina Watson - Chilling Crimes Dive the S.S. Yongala Wreck Yongala Wreck & Coral Sea Expedition TSV-CNS Honeymoon 'Killer': Gabe Watson Breaks Silence on Details of Wife's Death - ABC News Mystery in the deep blue sea | NBC News Decompression Sickness - Harvard Health. Nightmare Honeymoon Ends in Scuba-Diving Murder in Australia | by Homicide Inc. | Medium. Death of Tina Watson - Wikipedia Case 51: Tina Watson - Casefile: True Crime Podcast PLEA BARGAINING AND MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE: A CASE STUDY OF THE PROSECUTION OF GABE WATSON, THE SO-CALLED ‘HONEYMOON KILLER’ | Victoria Colvin Honeymooner's diving death 'an accident, not murder' 'Honeymoon Killer' Holiday Card Featured Joke, Dead Wife - ABC News Watson admits taking flowers from wife's grave Great Barrier Reef honeymoon death: diver's jail sentence 'ludicrous' and 'embarrassing' Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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