EP54 - Building Trust & Connection in Motherhood Photography -- with Maggie Rechkemmer

An Unscripted Podcast for Photographers

Apr 19 2024 • 45 mins

Today on the show is Maggie Rechkemmer – a family photographer based in the Midwest. Maggie’s work is known for being intentional, creative, and a beautiful window into capturing the beauty of everyday motherhood and family life. She stepped away from her photography business 7 years ago to have her first child, but six months into maternity leave, she decided to reopen her business. Now, she not only documents families, but also educates other photographers through mentoring and workshops.

This episode, Maggie and I dive deep into the world of motherhood photography. You’ll hear all about how Maggie builds trust and connection with clients, especially new mums, and how her own experiences as a mother shape her approach. We’ll also discuss her candid, lifestyle-based style and how she captures genuine moments while making sure everything’s exposed correctly.

So whether you’re a seasoned family photographer or just starting your journey, get ready to be inspired by Maggie’s insights and practical tips.





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