EP49 - The Art of Patience and a Zero-Shortcut Workflow -- with Jackson Grant

An Unscripted Podcast for Photographers

Feb 13 2024 • 55 mins

Jackson Grant is not your average run-of-the-mill wedding photographer. His images are vivid, wild, and buzzing. But don’t let his exuberant approach fool you – there’s nothing careless about the way he does things. He takes on 25 couples a year and is intentional and generous with his time. His is a no-shortcut approach to inquiries, client communication, photographing, culling, and editing, and he’s willing to spend time on each stage of this process. Today, we’re diving right into the virtues and benefits of a workflow that doesn’t hold maximum productivity or efficiency as the pinnacle of success. If you’ve listened to any of our previous podcasts on presets, AI culling, or workflow hacks, this one provides you with a bit of an alternative perspective so you can make the right choice for yourself and your business. It could be exactly what you need to hear, or it could be a totally new perspective that might add that little bit of special sauce to your current workflow.