We Made It

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Mar 14 2023 • 55 mins

It’s always an honor and pleasure to converse with legendary people. On this episode, my guest was DJ Rasta Root.

Indeed, DJ Rasta Root has made it, and he credits the love and support of his parents, his college roommates, and some really dope friends.

He has experienced some FIRSTS since he was born (Thanks Mom). Finally, a guy who thirsts for learning and achieving his goals has put him in the right places. Hip Hop got his attention, started to quench his thirst, and taught him some things at the same time.

Learning to master mixing and blends, as well as paying attention to the crowd, got him in some circles that, to this day, DJ Rasta Root is humbled by how it all came together. However, his meeting Phife from the legendary Hip Hip Group, A Tribe Called Quest, is the one that resonates with him the most. Not only did Roots become his DJ and producer, but, more importantly, his friend.

Sharing stories about their culture and love for music allowed these guys to connect for 18 years. As we reflect on losing another great Dave Jolicoeur, aka Trugoy The Dove, aka Plug Two, from De La Soul, it continues to humble DJ Rasta Root as he was alongside those that have made contributions to moving the Hip Hop culture.

Thanks to my guest DJ Rasta Root. One of the good ones…FOR REAL!

A special thanks for curating Face Off Fridays here in Atlanta. It feels like home to us Hip Hop heads.

Until next time, take care, be well, and continue to… #ROCKon