#4 Rebuilding Religion

Tomorrow People

May 22 2019 • 27 mins

Organised religion is on the decline in Europe, leaving lots of churches abandoned, waiting for a new role to fulfil. But the mix of religions is increasingly diverse, and we haven’t lost our need for spirituality and community. Rather than seeing different faiths as opposing world views, maybe we should look for what makes them similar, and bring people together.

Topics include: theology, synagogue, secularity, churches, spirituality, mosque, religion

Guests on this episode:

Ton Harmes - Bookshop DirectorMaastricht
🇳🇱 the Netherlands

Back in 2006, the bookshop Dominicanen opened in the very first Gothic church in the low countries. You see, it hadn’t been used as a church for over 200 years. It is now a beautiful store (see the pictures below), and it’s run by Ton Harmes, who tells the story of this particular church, and how society is dealing with an increasing number of empty churches.

Terry Biddington - Dean of Spiritual Life
Winchester, 🇬🇧 United Kingdom

At the University of Winchester, Reverend Doctor Terry Biddington holds the unique title of Dean of Spiritual Life. As he explains in this episode, the world is now a smaller place, and people of different faiths are figuring out how to live together. Part of his research is on multifaith spaces, those rooms in airports, schools, etc. where all religions are welcome. Open your mind and listen to his vision…

Frithjof Timm, Esther Hirsch & Osman Örs - Theological Advisors
Berlin, 🇩🇪 Germany

Finally, we hear from the House of One in Berlin – well, from the team working on it, because the building is still very much under construction. It’s a prime example of an interfaith project, combining a church, mosque and synagogue. Discover the challenges and opportunities of establishing a concept that will build bridges and cross boundaries.

For pictures, additional links, credits and full transcript, visit: https://tomorrowpeople.today/rebuilding-religion


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