#5 Blue Space

Tomorrow People

Jun 5 2019 • 30 mins

After neglecting and hiding the waterways in our cities for decades, we’re slowly rediscovering their benefits and potential. In this episode we feature three stories of people working with water in an effort to make their hometowns better.

Topics include: outdoor swimming, urbanism, cities, climate change, water, waterways, urbanism, resilience, rivers, blue space, rainfall, transportation

Guests on this episode:

Geert Dekleermaeker - SmartShip CEO
Gent, 🇧🇪 Belgium

After a career in construction, Geert thought it was time for something else entirely. So now he builds SmartShips and carries people and cargo all through the city. Discover the full story of this unique and green mode of transport, and Geert’s ambitious vision for our waterways.

Paul Steinbrück - Coordinator Pool is Cool
Brussels, 🇧🇪 Belgium

Paul is the coordinator for the non-profit Pool is Cool, a wonderful group of volunteers who are trying to fill a big void in Brussels, the capital of the European Union: there is currently no public place for outdoor swimming in the entire city! We visited them last winter, when they were busy preparing some of their wonderful events and projects.

Morten Kabell - Former Mayor
Copenhagen, 🇩🇰 Denmark

On the other side of the spectrum we find Copenhagen, which does have a thriving outdoor swimming community, with beaches, harbour baths, and very clean waters. I spoke to Morten, the former mayor of environment, about some deliberate choices made years ago, that made all this possible.

Anne Witteveen - Urban Designer
Rotterdam, 🇳🇱 the Netherlands

Finally we arrive in Rotterdam, where there is a large and intriguing square in the middle of the city. Nicknamed the water square, it’s an intricate system to deal with a certain aspect of climate change. But Anne Witteveen and her colleagues are also working on lots of smaller, yet equally interesting projects that contribute to climate resilience.

For pictures, additional links, credits and full transcript, visit: https://tomorrowpeople.today/blue-space


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