#3 Save Space for Food

Tomorrow People

May 8 2019 • 26 mins

We go looking for unexpected places and methods to sustainably produce food – resource-efficient, and closer to the destination. After a brief geography tour and history lesson, you’ll hear from two groundbreakers who provide their own unique perspective.

Topics include:
vertical farming, sustainability, food, horticulture, hydroponics, fifth wall, agriculture, rooftops, farming

Guests on this episode:

Zjef Van Acker - Vertical farmer
Ghent, 🇧🇪 Belgium

Infused with political genes, bio-engineer Zjef Van Acker has helped kickstart several initiatives to transform our society into a healthy ecosystem. He’s an urban mushroom grower, hobbyist philosopher and vertical farming pundit, researching the AMI model. Discover what those letters stand for, and his thoughts on our modern food economy, in this episode.

Esther Wienese - City guide & author
Rotterdam, 🇳🇱 the Netherlands

Esther Wienese knows a whole lot about the rooftops of Rotterdam – she hosts guided roof tours in the city, she gave a TEDx talk about them, and she literally wrote the book on it. It is filled with inspiration and visions for our fifth walls, an often undervalued part of our urban buildings. We met on the DakAkker, a 1000m² rooftop that combines an urban farm, a bar and restaurant with a terrace, several beehives and a test site for rainwater buffering.

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