Content Marketing Strategy for Associations – Amy Gavin, Director of Digital Strategy, American Society for Nutrition

The Association Marketing Show

Oct 26 2020 • 33 mins

American Society for Nutrition (ASN) is the premier membership society for professional researchers and practitioners in the field of nutrition. The society’s mission is to advance the science, education, and practice of nutrition. ASN serves its more than 7,000 members around the world through its educational programs, scholarly publications, annual meeting, and advocacy and science policy. In 2028, ASN will celebrate 100 years as a leading advocate for the advancement of nutrition. Learn more about ASN at

Amy Gavin, CAE lives and breathes the association world. From her start as a graphic design and printing sales consultant to her roles in publishing, Amy has devoted nearly 15 years to the industry. Her breadth of experience includes American Geophysical Union, American Diabetes Association, to her current role as the Director of Digital Strategy at American Society for Nutrition (ASN) where she oversees digital marketing, communications and technology. Amy uses her diverse experience along with her penchant for creativity and trying new things to help advance the mission of ASN.

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