#15: Brian Ferguson | Doing Hard Things in Life

Unbound | Conversations Without Limits

Jul 27 2023 • 1 hr 11 mins

Brian Ferguson, the Founder and CEO of Arena Labs and Partner + Co-Founder of Liminal Collective is pioneering the field of High Performance Medicine and human performance, enabling frontline medical teams to achieve mastery in their roles while pushing the boundaries of human potential.

Brian takes us through his journey from kitchen table conversations with his mother, a nurse, to working in the White House and serving in the military. These experiences have influenced his outlook on life and informed his understanding of human potential and performance under pressure.

We explore:

  • Essential tools for high performers making an impact and serving society at their best
  • Mental health and self-care practices for everyone with a focus on healthcare workers
  • Overcoming an attachment to identity and transitioning out of the military
  • Humility, authenticity, and doing hard things that serve a higher purpose
  • Resilience and overcoming past failures
  • Coping with family loss in life
  • His motivation to do difficult inner work
  • Celebrating life and fatherhood

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