Money Talks: Emergency Financial First Aid Kit

Money Talks

Jun 4 2019 • 49 mins

We would like to remind you: when disasters strike our state you can tune in to MPB for statewide coverage:

Biloxi at 90.3; Bude at 88.9;

Jackson at 91.3; Meridian at 88.1;

Greenwood at 90.9; Starkville at 89.9

Booneville at 89.5; Oxford at 90.3

  • The Atlantic Hurricane season, which affects Mississippi and all of the Gulf Coast began on June 1st and runs through November 30th. The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency suggests that in addition to:
  • Flashlight and battery-powered radio with additional batteries.
  • Canned and non-perishable food.
  • Bottled water.
  • Toiletry items.
  • Pet food and pet supplies.
  • Medicine and prescription medication.

You need Copies of important family papers and documents and CASH. Money Talks suggests you print the FEMA Emergency Financial First Aid Kit and fill out the worksheets so you’re ready for an evacuation or a disaster.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency suggests 4 simple steps to financial preparedness

  1. Assess and compile: gather your important document and contacts.
  2. Review your insurance policies and financial paperwork to be sure that they are still accurate and current.
  3. Safeguard your paper and electronic copies of your files.
  4. Update or revisit your financial first aid kit often, especially when you have life changes.

Having Household information with you during a disaster can help you to:

  • Prove the identity of all household members
  • Maintain contact with your extended family
  • Maintain contact with your employer
  • Apply for FEMA disaster assistance.

Some of the household identification you need to gather include:

  • Copies of driver’s license
  • Birth certificates, adoption papers, child custody documents
  • Marriage or divorce documents
  • Military and pet records

Another section of the Emergency Financial First Aid Kit we’re discussing today is the Financial and Legal Documentation part. This includes information about:

  • Housing payments
  • Utility or debt payments
  • Lists of banks, retirement accounts
  • Insurance policies
  • Frequent flier or reward accounts
  • Powers of attorney or will / trust info

They have a section for Household contacts.

The kit has suggestions for protecting your identity, keeping your electronic records safe.

Their tips on passwords and PINS include:

  • Select something that is memorable but not that is public information about yourself
  • Don’t use the same password for more than one account
  • NEVER give out your password or PIN for any reason, no matter whom the person is or claims to be. is a website that can help you prepare for different types of emergencies. The FEMA website has information about: Thunderstorms & Lightning, Extreme Heat, Power Outages, an Active Shooter, and how to Get Involved with your community.

There is a FEMA app

We’re talking about being financially prepared in the event of a disaster, but the Mississippi Emergency Recovery Agency has information about preparing for Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Radiological, Floods, Winter Weather, and Disaster Kits at

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