Episode 115 - Ghost Stories Volume IV

I Wanna Party With Bob

Aug 4 2021 • 1 hr 23 mins

The long-awaited return of the “Ghost Stories” series. Yes, 8 months, to be exact. Well! Are you in for some chilling tales in this episode? You are, so please join me on this journey into the boundless realm of the supernatural. Ghost Stories Volume IV is the name, scaring the pants off of you is the game. There are stories by paranormal investigators Kinedy of The Haunted Times, Amanda of Spook-Eats, Courtney of The Ghoul Guide and Amanda Paulson of Pretty Fn Spooky. And Gregory, we mustn’t forget Gregory. All of the stories are amazing, each one has something very spooky and special to offer. The locations in which the stories take place, you ask? The Thomas House in Tennessee, Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Kentucky, the Ghost Light Theatre in New York and the grand finale, the Lizzie Borden House in Massachusetts. I hope I spelled “Massachusetts” correctly. BOOOO me. if I did not. The Celluloid Catacombs also returns in this episode, this time, Carolyn Mauricette is discussing the film “In Fabric”, a tale of a haunted red dress. The fittingly fearsome music of the episode provided by Airstream Futures and The Lungs.

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