Episode 117 - Spider Interview with Hector Martinez

I Wanna Party With Bob

Aug 18 2021 • 1 hr 3 mins

The band Spider, from the Los Angeles area, has pulled something off that not many bands have truly been able to do. They’ve taken the sound and the fury of 1980’s LA punk and hardcore and turned it into their own thing. A magical and perfectly punk thing, at that. Don’t think I’m saying the band lives in the past! No, Spider does their own thing, while hearkening back to the glory days of LA punk and hardcore. Hector Martinez, the singer/vocalist of Spider stops by The Bobcast to talk about the band, punk rock stuff, ghosts, UFOs and more! Two songs by Spider are in this episode, “Energy Gone Wrong” and “The Reeperbahn”. Presented by Good Life Digestive Health.

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