Episode 114 - Pleasant Gehman Interview Part II - Writing and Dancing

I Wanna Party With Bob

Jul 28 2021 • 1 hr 10 mins

Pleasant Gehman returns to The Bobcast with a brand new episode and more stories, more magical mayhem that is the life of the incredible person, the Princess Of Hollywood, Pleasant Gehman! This time around we’re talking about Pleasant’s writing and dancing careers. Pleasant’s been doing both most of her whole life, to great effect. Though she has written mostly non-fiction stories of her life through the years, she’s the first person I’ve heard of that a publisher told “we can’t run this as fiction, it’s too crazy!!!”. That’s the life of Pleasant Gehman in a nutshell. Music of the episode by Screamin’ Sirens and those songs are “I Heard About You” and “Nine Times To Live” off of 1987’s “Voodoo”. Oh! The song “Voodoo” is also soothingly serenading you in the intro and outro background of the episode.