Episode 116 - Two Minutes Of Terror Teaser

I Wanna Party With Bob

Aug 13 2021 • 15 mins

The Two Minutes Of Terror podcast is a subsidiary podcast under the I Wanna Party With Bob Ltd. Inc. corperate umbrella of fine audio products. They’re short - two to four minutes in length, perfect for today’s short and spooky attention spans. You’ll hear TWO of these terrifying episodes in this installment of The Bobcast, both “ghost stories” which were pulled from the atrotious archives of amazing paranormal material here at The Bobcast. The first tale is of Fernando and his encounter with a “Hat Man”, the second tale is by Gared and features a figure that had been HANGING AROUND his house after he first moved in. The stories are retold (by yours truly) and augmented with sound fx and otherworldly orchestrations. The song of the episode provided by the band Batsh@t Crazy. Tune in and prepare to be terrorized!

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