Episode 121 - Mike Wiebe Interview (Riverboat Gamblers, Drakulas)

I Wanna Party With Bob

Sep 15 2021 • 1 hr 4 mins

Mike Wiebe of The Riverboat Gamblers and Drakulas. He’s the tall, good looking one that jumps around and sings in both bands, by the way. Mike sets sail on the WeirdBoat, the Bobcast, to talk about paranormal stuff, his bands and more in this episode. Strange car rides on Santa Fe Baldy in New Mexico, strange lights in the sky in Denton, Texas and a Goatman. And the Goatman’s Bridge. Creepy, spooky and awesomely atrotious stories, in other words. Plus, a retelling by yours truly of one of the many legends that surround Goatman’s Bridge in Denton, Texas. I personally would not visit Goatman’s Bridge. Too scary, especially after I read all about it. Yikes. Music of the episode provided by Drakulas and the Riverboat Gamblers with the songs “Dark Black” and “Don’t Bury Me (I’m Still Not Dead)” respectively.

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