Episode 122 - Musical Mash-Up II with Michael Crusty (Miserable Failure Podcast)

I Wanna Party With Bob

Sep 22 2021 • 1 hr 11 mins

Michael Crusty of Crusty Media and The Miserable Failure Podcast comes aboard the Bad Ship Bobcast to play some songs and talk about the Halloween movies! And other stuff, we do talk about the bands and the music. That is our job as music journalists of the highest caliber. You’ll get 10 songs in this episode - 5 picked by me, 5 picked by Mr. Crusty. Here’s a track listing, in the order in which they’re played in the episode:

1. Doghouse Rose “Last Time”

2. The Bollweevils “Liniment & Tonic”

3. Hangtime “Too Many Days”

4. Night Dangers “Another Nightmare”

5. Lawless Sons “Mufasa”

6. Sad Girlz Club “I Think I’m Ready”

7. No Big Deal “A Million Things”

8. Parker “Ruin My Life (Live)”

9. Nothing Serious “Blabbermouth”

10. Riverboat Gamblers “Bonzo Goes To Bitburg”

Also, Carolyn Mauricette makes her triumphant return to The Bobcast with another installment of The Celluloid Catacombs! This time around, Carolyn is discussing the “Insidious” franchise of movies. Super-duper-spooky stuff! Brought to you by Midwife Made Naturals and Pomps Not Dead Pomade.