Episode 119 - The Mike Damante PUNK Interview

I Wanna Party With Bob

Sep 1 2021 • 1 hr

Mike Damante won me over a while ago with his “Punk Rock and UFOs” series of books, a mind-blowing series on paranormal weirdness and UFO related wildness. Mike’s latest book, “Hey Suburbia” also won me over - but in a different way. “Hey Suburbia” talks about punk rock, pop-punk and emo of the 1990’s and early 2000’s, mostly. There’s nostalgia, to be sure. But there’s also quite a bit about the course and trajectory of punk rock from those golden days up to the present day. Let me tell you, I listened to a bunch of Jimmy Eat World after I read the book, I cannot tell a lie. But I also looked at the future of punk rock in a different light after reading the book. With more hope, I should say. Well! Mike joins the Bobcast to talk all things PUNK in this episode, from how it all started for him, to answering that age old question - were big punk bands of the 90’s (that were successful) sell-out’s? Listen and find out! Also, Michael Crusty stops by with a brand new edition of Crusty’s Corner to talk with Nick from Canadian Rock Wrestling and play a PUNK song by Debt Cemetery. Lastly, War On Women appear in the episode with the song “White Lies”, which was hand picked by Mr. Damante just for this episode! Let’s get PUNK with Mike Damante and freinds!

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