Episode 129 - Top Ten Countdown of 2021

I Wanna Party With Bob

Dec 31 2021 • 0 seconds

2021 is dead. Long live 2021? No. Long live the MUSIC of 2021, though. Especially the incredible selection of songs I played on The Bobcast in 2021. So here we go, let’s put the final stake in the heart of the worst year of recent memory - for so many of us, by listening to some RAD songs! We’re gonna count ‘em down, my favorite songs that were played on The Bobcast in 2021 from 10 to 1. Spolier Alert! Here’s the list of songs:

10 - Ship Thieves “Hercules Stomp”

9 - Ricky “Spare Me”

8 - Get Married “Astrozombies”

7 - Night Dangers “Another Nightmare”

6 - Airstream Futures “Cemetery Sparrow”

5 - Parker “Ruin My Life”

4 - The Lungs “Vizitant”

3 - No Small Children “Radio”

2 - Vudu Sister “The Girl Who Stood On A Grave”

1 - Houseghost “Yellow Wallpaper”

The best of the best, the cream of the crop. Happy New Year and here’s to a much better 2022. Cheers, loves!

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