Episode 118 - Haunted Harmonies with Villa Montezuma and Come Closer

I Wanna Party With Bob

Aug 27 2021 • 30 mins

Welcome to the first edition of a new series of Bobcast episodes, simply titled “Haunted Harmonies”. With these episodes, you’ll hear a little bit about the history and haunts of a particular paranormally active location, which is located somewhere in this great big haunted world of ours. Along with the history and haunts, let’s throw a band interview - a short one - into these episodes, because the Bobcast is PUNK. The rule is, the band has to be from the same town or area as the featured haunted location. In this case, we’re talking about San Diego, California’s Villa Montezuma, with the band of the episode being Come Closer. San Diego has a TON of haunted places, but I’m telling you, Villa Montezuma is the King/Queen of the Haunt Heap. Come Closer is likewise the cream of the crop in a sea of amazing bands from San Diego. The tales of strangeness from Villa Montezuma, the interview with J from Come Closer, a song titled “Get It Wrong” by Come Closer, this episode has it ALL. Brought to you by Good Life Digestive Health.

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