THE HOUSE Episode 19 | Josh Handler And Guest Ron Zimmerman | Co-Founder of The Handler/Zimmerman Team

The HOUSE By Josh Handler

May 7 2021 • 40 mins

It took almost 20 Episodes, but we finally got to get Co-Founder of The Handler/Zimmerman Team, the one and only Ron Zimmerman onto the Podcast!! Ron and I have been working together a little over three years, and have accomplished so much in that short period of time.

Ron and I knew early on that we wanted to work together, and the team was built very organically once we saw how aligned our goals were, and how well we worked together. A ying and yang if you will, we decided to take our partnership to the next level and start to train other agents, and in less than a year we have over a dozen agents who have grown with us, crushing every obstacle that has come in our path. Ron also has another career, a wife and father of 2 children but has managed to continually be a top agent on Long Island proving what a force in the industry he is.

In this episode we dive in to how we got to where we are, the strategy we made, and where we see the team going in the future. Lots of great info to be found, so get ready for a highly anticipated show that you are sure to enjoy and get a ton of value out of.

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