Luke Livingston - Principal, Crow Island School


May 3 2023 • 57 mins

Luke Livingston, an educator with a passion for teaching, thoroughly enjoys the progressive education approach at Crow Island School, where students learn important skills like empathy and problem-solving through hands-on activities.

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • The journey through the innovative progressive education model of Crow Island School and its legacy.
  • The profound impact of empathy, collaboration, and intrinsic motivation in student growth.
  • The challenge of meeting the needs of students, parents, and teachers in contemporary classrooms.
  • Effective behavior management and promoting inclusivity for diverse student populations.
  • The value of direct school engagement as a powerful asset compared to online evaluations.

Luke Livingston, a seasoned educator with over 17 years of experience, is the principal at Crow Island School. His career began with Teach for America, where he fell in love with teaching and mentoring young minds. Since then, Luke has taught multiple grade levels and held leadership roles, including assistant principal and principal positions. Now in his second year at Crow Island School, he is a strong proponent of the progressive education model, working to create an inclusive and innovative learning environment for his students.

“Our goal is to really empower every student to grow in an inclusive, innovative, and experiential environment.”

- Luke Livingston

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