John Peterson's Green Initiatives: Winnetka Park District's Eco-Friendly Projects


May 17 2023 • 1 hr

John Peterson, Executive Director of the Winnetka Park District, is a passionate advocate for community involvement and sustainable practices. With a background in risk management, John's career took a local turn when he decided to focus on giving back to his beloved Winnetka community. Under John's leadership, the Park District has flourished with exciting programs, activities, and collaborations with local organizations. John's latest focus includes the Park District's efforts to reduce plastic usage and develop a butterfly garden, showcasing his commitment to environmentally conscious initiatives.

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • Winnetka Park District's commitment to sustainability, including cutting down on plastic waste and developing a blossoming butterfly garden.
  • The unique blend of leisure and education at the park district, ensuring meaningful community engagement.
  • The importance of emergency readiness and the fruitful cooperation with local authorities.
  • The essential role of measuring the impact of community-oriented programs for continued growth and success.
  • Looking forward to an expanded future, complete with pristine beach areas and modern indoor tennis courts.

“Our number one responsibility is to work collaboratively with the other governments that serve the community in a manner that brings more robust programming and cost efficiencies that ultimately are to the betterment of the residents.” - John Peterson

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