Jodi Reuter - Principal, Sacred Heart School


Aug 30 2023 • 28 mins

Jodi Reuter, the dedicated Principal of Sacred Heart School. With an educational journey spanning 27 years, Jodi's dedication to molding the hearts and minds of students is truly inspirational. Starting as a grade school teacher, she acquired a 360-degree view of the education system which later propelled her to several administrative positions leading to her role as principal. Her current role at Sacred Heart School North Shore allows her to highlight the multifaceted programs that foster academic, personal, and cultural growth in students.

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • The varied selection of programs and offerings that promote holistic education
  • How Sacred Heart balances and meets the unique needs of kids, staff, and parents
  • The significance of a supporting and nurturing community within the Sacred Heart educational ecosystem
  • How Sacred Heart defines success differently for each student, enabling individual growth
  • The structures and techniques in place to handle bullying

“We welcome all backgrounds and faiths, creating a safe environment for students to express who they are, grow with their culture, and share what's special about their families.”

-Jodi Reuter

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