18 - Are the Lockdown Protesters Justified? Feat. Atilla (Corona Chronicles PT 3)

Culture Overload

May 5 2020 • 34 mins

This episode we ponder the future of education after the Pandemic and what can be done to help high-school students find their career path, we then switch gears and look at Covid-19 infection numbers in Canada and discuss some possible solutions for dealing with people protesting the quarantine measures put in place.

In this episode, we have a first-time guest who is still currently in high school and discuss the effects the pandemic has had on high-school students here in Canada, how the future of education could be after the pandemic and other issues regarding high-school education. Shifting gears to focusing on the pandemic we compare current Covid-19 infection numbers in Canada's major provinces to infection numbers at the beginning of April which brings us to wrap up discussing whether the quarantine protestors are justified or just straight-up brain dead.

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