How Generative AI is changing divergent thinking in the Classroom with Dr. Todd Lobart

Fueling Creativity in Education

Mar 5 2024 • 21 mins

How might generative AI change the way we engage divergent thinking?

In part two of this double expresso of the Fueling Creativity in Education podcast, Dr. Todd Lubart discusses the evolving landscape of creative potential and education. With insights drawn from his extensive research in creativity, Dr. Lubart delves into the changing nature of divergent thinking in the digital age. He examines the impact of generative AI on idea generation and the challenges it presents in selecting and developing the most promising ideas. Additionally, Dr. Lubart explores the future of creativity in education, shedding light on how integrating generative AI and virtual reality can provide tailored, immersive experiences that stimulate creativity.

Listeners gain access to valuable tips for educators, such as investing in creative challenges, enhancing the measurement of creative potential, and focusing on individual learner profiles. As Dr. Lubart emphasizes the importance of personalized approaches, he underscores the significance of educators designing activities that cater to the unique creative needs of their students. Whether you're a teacher looking to enrich the learning experience or an emerging scholar seeking to explore the intersection of creativity and education, this episode provides a compelling understanding of the changing dynamics of creativity in the classroom and beyond. and What to learn more about Design Thinking in Education?  Do you want to build a sustained culture of innovation and creativity at your school? Visit to understand how Design Thinking can promote teacher creativity and support professional growth in the classroom. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter!