Mar 4 2022 • 57 mins

34Questions invites individuals to share their stories. It is an introspective podcast which revolves around the theme, "What would you like your descendants to know about you?" Guests choose to either go classic and pick a number between 1 through 34, choosing their destiny or defer to the wheel of fate, where each space is linked to a question. The questions guide the conversation. Episodes are a unique combination of personality and universal fate. If you enjoying getting to know your family, friends, strangers, and maybe even yourself, this podcast is for you. If you're interested in sharing your story, please reach out. Together, we'll reach forward. Much Love, 34 34Questions.comThe 34Questions podcast challenges it’s guests to answer introspective questions. We intend to leave a memento for the future, revealing our personalities to our descendants.Reaching out, to show them from whom they are coming from. The podcast also serves as a journal entry, a glimpse of the person you are. The past, to the person you will become. Guests participate in a series of games which lead to facing the Wheel of Fate. Whichever number the wheel lands on, is the question that will be asked. No two interviews are exactly alike, as no two people are. Reach out, reach forward. As always, much love. Looking forward to catching you on 34Questions.