The Truth About Entrepreneurship with Emma Jack

The Allied Health Financial Podcast

Jul 19 2022 • 30 mins

Start a business, build a website, get rich...nope. Emma Jack of Press Play takes us behind the scenes of what it really looks like to start a business. Spoiler alert: overnight success takes a long time.

  • Emma’s Banff Coaching Retreat (1:28)
  • Make time for what energizes you (4:50)
  • Press Play reorganizes its time: Balancing work and life  (9:37)
  • Emma takes her own advice – when more is not better (13:23)
  • Success is an iceberg (14:24)
  • Looking for a change? Advice from EJ (18:51)
  • What’s next for Press Play (24:47)
  • The most important quality for an entrepreneur to have (27:10)
  • Who’s winning? Gunner vs. Chair (28:29)


Theme Music: Pamgaea Kevin MacLeod. Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License