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Apr 8 2022 • 57 mins

“The reality is that the water crisis is so complex but at the same time the solution is simple, as in you can enable people to take care of it, water problem is solved, almost… a large amount of water is waiting for the community to take charge of it.”

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Meet Dr Bhakti Devi, Professor, Rashtram School of Public Leadership & Co Director Centre for Water at Rishihood University. She leads the Jal Fellowship, a program is aimed at creating District based water leaders all across 750 districts of pan India. Dr Bhakti is also Founder of two water impact platforms Jal Smruti and Urban Water Doctor. She has over 30 years of experience in facilitating & implementing water user-led onsite self sufficient water schemes and water sensitive neighbourhoods. With work experience across Australia, New Zealand and India, Dr Bhakti has worked in diverse functions across the value chain of the water system, namely -strategy, policy, planning, capacity building, design and operations. She is also the Founder President of Water Resources Council of WICCI a pan India network of women in businesses and industries - Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (WICCI). I have worked with her since 2021 on creating water awareness among youth in Punjab through Jal Smruti’s Youth Champions for Local Water Action.

Noteworthy organizations where Dr Bhakti Devi has previously worked and made her contributions to include - Sydney Water Corporation, City of Sydney, Centre for Water Sensitive Cities, Institute for Sustainable Futures, CRC for Irrigation Futures, Cooks River Alliance, Sydney Harbour Catchment Management Authority, CDD Society, Alttech Foundation and Good Earth. She has a PhD in Water Management from University of Western Sydney, Australia and a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering & Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering from VJTI, University of Bombay.

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