Science, Innovation Ecosystems | Jakob Williams Ørberg | Saurabh Nanda | SCM S2E17

Such Conversations Matter (SCM)

Jul 14 2022 • 1 hr 7 mins

“…transformation should not only come from outside the systems where impact is sought…but the people working within these systems have to become transformers themselves…”

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Meet Jakob, a Counsellor for Innovation, Research and Higher Education at the Royal Danish Embassy in New Delhi. This is one of the 7 such positions which exist in the world for the Danish Government. He helps in building collaboration for Innovation, Science and Higher Education between India and Denmark. I have known Jakob since 2016, when I attended his PhD defence in Copenhagen. His topic of research was “Heroes of the knowledge economy? - Futurity and Anxiety in the Lives of Indian Engineering Students”. We have had long conversations around such topics and more and this episode brings some of them to the fore.

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