Youth, AI, Careers, Future | Saurabh Nanda | SCM Finale: S2E25 | Aditya Mallya

Such Conversations Matter (SCM)

Jun 23 2023 • 1 hr 52 mins

“…the world belongs to the youth from the emerging economies, so they need to work on systemic problems…problems that will take decades to solve…AI and Digitisation will not affect their futures then, in fact it will enable their progress for the world they are going to inherit! ” - Saurabh Nanda


Please welcome Mr Saurabh Nanda, founder of Such Conversations Matter, founder of SN Mentoring and co-founder of Career Choice Pro, an AI Career Counsellor. Saurabh jumped into the Education space in 2012 after leaving his cushy American IT job (B.Tech in Computer Science from NIT Jalandhar, 2005-09). He was confused and knew that if this is happening to him then it must be happening to a lot of others like him. He up skilled himself in psychology, learnt from psychometricians such as Dr Itishree Misra. Since then, he has impacted over 20,000 students, parents, teachers and aspirants across 35+ universities and colleges, 600+ schools, companies and education institutions 25+ countries. As an international youth mentor, he mentors youth for multi-disciplinary projects in sustainability, tech4good, psychology and more for organisations such as Government of India’s Atal Innovation Mission, Huawei CSR, YUNGA Japan, RISE, NIT Jalandhar, Enactus chapters in Delhi University, Jagriti Yatra among others. He hosts 2 podcasts and is a multiple TEDx speaker. For his work in cyber bullying awareness, he was awarded the Jagran Josh Education Award for “Best Initiative for Mental Health Awareness” by the Dainik Jagran group on 31st March 2022.

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This episode is also the finale of SCM Season 2!

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