Democratising the Internet | Web3 | Supercraft | Debasri Rakshit | Soum Paul | Saurabh Nanda | SCM S2E19

Such Conversations Matter (SCM)

Oct 14 2022 • 1 hr 5 mins

“…from yahoo chatrooms, to facebook, to twitter, to influencers, we have seen users getting more and more identity on the internet… with Web3, that pattern is solidifying…which has very real world use cases…” - Debasri

Meet Debasri Rakshit and Soum Paul, founders of the Web 3 creator economy startup called Supercraft. This is the second venture that both of them are working on after Home Screen Network. Debasri has a background in publishing and Soum is a computer engineer with a passion for film making. They have both worked with creators since 2018 now and are now using the Web 3 world to give creators more autonomy and ownership of their creations. I have worked with Soum and Debasri since 2020 when I was on boarded as one of the first career consultants on their platform called Spark.Live. Since, then we have talked many times regarding future of tech and data and finally we get a chance to bring it all together in the form of this podcast episode.

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