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Such Conversations Matter (SCM)

Mar 23 2022 • 56 mins

“…Professionally a coach can help you elevate your own thought process and journey, help in connect those dots and help in validation…personally a coach can act as a sounding board…pretty much like having a personal Board of Directors…”

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Meet Srikanth, an executive coach, a podcast and a corporate leader who intends to “help people unleash their potential”. Srikanth is currently the COO-Tax of KPMG Global Services and based out of Bangalore and has a solid 2 decades of corporate career spanning Strategy and Business growth, Operation Management, Vendor Management, Project/Program Management, Change Management, Coaching/Mentoring. As an executive coach , he uses the coaching structures prescribed by the International Coaching Federation and Positive Intelligence (PQ) frameworks. Srikanth hosts the very successful podcast called “Inspire Someone Today” where he hosts leaders from different walks of life - cricket, journalism, development sector, corporate world and so on. Srikanth and I met virtually during the lockdown and have participated in the PQ eight-week Pod experience as well.

This episode was recorded in March 2021.

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