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Sep 30 2021 • 1 hr 18 mins

“…if most people are trying to do things to maximise profit, then I am being an economic agent for others…or I can break free of the cycle…awareness of the large structural patterns that we are stuck in…the young people need to self-reflect… and understand things critically…”

Meet Ankit, a development sector professional, educator, innovator, lifelong learner and a core team member of the Sanjhi Sikhiya movement in Punjab. After finishing his Bachelors in Civil Engineering from NIT Nagpur, he went on to do his Masters at IISc (Indian Institute of Science) researching on sustainable cement but that didn’t interest him and after a short stint in developing highway bridges in the Himalayas, he went on to teach in rural Rajasthan which proved to be a turning point in his professional journey. Since then he has been involved in the development sector and has worked with the Future Group, Indus Action, TAP India until he worked on curating Sanjhi Sikhiya or Collective Learning in Punjab.

Sanjhi Sikhiya’s flagship program, Punjab Young Leaders Program or PYLP is helping build community based, decentralised, locally empowered structures to change India’s rural development story. They have started with education and currently working in 2 districts in Punjab - Fatehgarh Sahib and Patiala impacting hundreds of government schools and villages. They have recently hired their 3rd cohort of fellows.

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