Parenting A Child With ADHD - Here's What You Need To Know

Parental Control

Aug 22 2023 • 1 hr 22 mins

Education expert and ADHD coach Dr. Michal Solomonovich joins the show to discuss strategies for parenting ADHD kids. Dr Michal Solomonvich is co-author of the new book Champion! Everything You Need To Be Your Greatest You, designed to equip kids with the skills they need to thrive and be happy.

Strategies for parenting ADHD kids

In this episode, My Baba's editor Ellie Thompson quizzes Dr. Michal on a whole host of techniques for parenting ADHD kids, from boosting their self-esteem to helping ADHD kids achieve their goals, and why it's so important to identify and focus on their strengths instead of their weaknesses. We're here to tell you that ADHD is a superpower, and Dr. Michal is on hand to share those all-important strategies to help us help our kids to harness its strengths.

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Champion! Everything You Need to Be Your Greatest You

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