Introducing: Ask Your Father

Stories from Among the Stars

Mar 6 2024 • 21 mins

We are excited to share the first episode of Ask Your Father from Gideon Media. We hope you enjoy it. We'll be releasing a new season of Stories From Among The Stars soon. Lem, a human, and Mikey, an A.I., are piloting the first ever faster than light speed ship when they find themselves twice as far as they meant to go, without any fuel to return. They communicate with Earth using tiny faster-than-light-speed drives, which carry information for Mikey and questions for Lem from his kids. As they work together to solve the problem, they forge a friendship that could change the course of human history. Starring Rebecca Comtois, Kevin R. Free, Rob Maitner, and Sean Williams, written by Sean Williams, directed by Jordana Williams, sound designed by Jeffrey Nils Gardner, music by Kent Williams. Cover art by Kate Kosma. Ask Your Father is available wherever you get your podcasts. Follow and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon, and more. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit